OKAY, now that we can confirm we are needing to keep an eye on our Social Distancing and Mask, we can be creative in Social Networking, but with the new standards.

Expressing yourself is a nice freedom to have.

Just do it safely, being aware of the new conditions.

Knowing the Circumstances that are changing the way we live, possibly, permanently. I’m saying possibly..

Maybe we won’t need a mask, but we will want to have one as a pre-cautionary tool to use in the event it is needed. Do you want to mitigate as many risks? Well, let’s take what we’ve learned, and now implement it in our life?

Hand Sanitizers are cool, and are fun to use when you know you’ve compromised the cleanliness of your hands. For instance, you opened a door with a door handle that is touched by public.


Touching a Gas Pump. Typically, you would use the FREE PAPER TOWEL offered at the Best Gas Stations, but, when you don’t have paper towel, well.. you use your hands.

Washing hands in Bathroom

Washing hands when touching money.

Etc. etc.

No need to over-exaggerate.

But, keep the air you live in, clean and enjoy walking in the parks.

Go ahead, have fun, but BE CAREFUL!

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