Okay, today was an interesting day, and multiple events took place as follows:

1) Took the car in for rotors, oil change, wiper blade change and an auxiliary battery, change, where I had to wear a mask when I dropped the car off, but also had my key sprayed and disinfected. I was happy to see this.
I wore a mask, but the guy who was taking my car didn’t have nor did the service technicians.
Okay, so then I then went home. to have an AC Repairman that I called earlier that morning, actually, I texted, and he texted later, saying between 1-2pm. So that was the time he arrived and was wearing a mask. Fixed the AC, paid him his $300 bill. I then went to pickup mail, stopped off with one of my passengers who purchased groceries.
She wore a mask when entering the grocery store.

So after all this I’m concluding that Social Distancing is default whether you wear a mask or not, but every day, I’m noticing that masks are becoming more a common thing than before, essentially…. people are adopting the mask and people are accepting nicely.

Social Networking is still happening, but just in a more re-engineered fashion that might be better for now, but ultimately, we will see if it causes issues where we are not building our immune system.

Think about it, just like we wear clothing, a mask is like clothing for the “AIR YOU BREATHE”.

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