Microsoft collecting location data and tracking the new government?


House ISP Snooping Bill

By a 19-to-10 vote, a House committee votes to require Internet service providers to keep track of what their users are doing for one year in case it would be useful for future police investigations.

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what is the meaning of “google+ traffic dropping”


Top Social Networking Sites?

let’s us know : 1.800.921.4519

Fireman setting firehose to fire hydrant


In complete shock over building fire Irvine – talk about real Social Networking in a shock




How many ways to engage into Social Networking?

Do you think there’s only one way of Social Networking?

Social Networking Guide helps connecting…

  • High Schools
  • Colleges
  • Workplaces
  • Golfing
  • Gardening
  • Developing
  • Business To Business
  • Marketing
  • Communities
  • Cities
  • Counties
  • States
  • Government
  • Conferences
  • Living

R=Red G=Green B=Blue

Isn’t it interesting that all you need is these 3 colors to make 256 other combinations.

Is it possible?

Is it possible that Social Networking will enhance the ability to expand into different channels of communication. Is it possible that Whatever We Thought was SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE, is no longer the case?

The more players we identify that understand the HUMAN TRENDS, THE HUMAN SUSCEPTABILITIES, THE HUMAN TENDENCIES, the more we can tap into the MISSING, HIDDEN PIECE of the PUZZLE, that will further define how to improve what we as people, have been thinking was “OK”, but really, it was because it was an “UNKNOWN”, until today.