State Of Emergency?


Is technology making people more independant and isolated since there are more connections with the technology devices than meeting with another person thats usually on their smart phone while you are talking to them?

If your Asian Smart Phone Gets Wet, There’s a #1 Asian Food that will help do the trick to save your Smart Phone that has water inside. – It’s “_____________”.

Is PowerLunch on CNBC suggesting that 32 million Twitter Passwords have been stolen and now available on the DARK BLACK MARKET OF THE WEB?

This is quite an interesting theory that if it is in fact true that 32 million passwords are stolen and available, that would mean that whomever can access it can do some serious damage to Twitter, and so Twitter will have to really monitor to see if anyone is complaining about frivolous posts to the account, and Twitter can automatically ban by asking the more common user ip address of that account prompting them to validate the post in case there’s multiple host names accessing that account, and so they can still de-validate the hostname that improperly uses that specific account.

You reveal yourself and way of thinking – let others know how you think and act and what makes you secure or insecure?